Honesty – Essential to Pool Table Brand Names?

Looking back, what started out as a simple task to buy a pool table turned into a quest almost as daring as Don Quixote chasing windmills. Along the way, something got triggered and the need to hold manufacturers accountable for their claims became an essential element to the brand name’s popularity. It’s amazing how much … Read more

Guide to Buying an Olhausen Pool Table

Olhausen Pool Table Monarch

Butch and Don Olhausen were raised in a pool family – literally. They helped their dad with his clients and their tables until eventually in 1973, a pool table company came up for sale and they took the company over for a smooth purchase price of $1,000. Now, they sell 30,000 tables per year… and there aren’t that many pool … Read more

Lessons from the Great American-Made Pool Table Rummage in 2022

american made pool tables

It all started one day when my wife and I were watching a billiard tournament on television. The next morning,  I ventured out to find the perfect pool table that would become our newest toy in pursuit of sportsmanship. I have to confess that my total reference point was what I had seen on television … Read more

Snookered by a Pool Table

There are some really good things about being an empty nester and one of those includes buying expensive things you want and having room for them – like a pool table. Granted, we didn’t want a pool table until we watched a billiard tournament on television but once we decided on that we’d really like … Read more