The Best 4×4 Pool Cue Cases in 2020

A 4x4 pool cue case carries four butts and four shafts - enough for some gameplay variation, but not so many to where the case is heavy, bulky, or hurting your back from the carry.

There are a few reasons why you’d want a case for your pool cue in the first place..

Cues are awkward. You or whoever is carrying the stick will bang it against the wall at least once - we guarantee it. Those scuffs are hard to get out.

You’re sick of carrying gear. Carrying your cues and balls to whatever location can be an ordeal without the proper bag. Every 4x4 pool cue case on this page has pocket(s) for your balls and other accessories.

You’re smart. Keeping your cue in a case and taking it out only when you want to play is a surefire way to guarantee it doesn’t deteriorate or lose its shine over time. (And if there are kids in the house, you definitely don’t want them using it as a toy.)

If you specifically want 4x4, you only have one option for a new case: the Joe Porper Signature Series case, which has a square, professional look to it. We’ll go over its features below and recommend some alternatives if this case doesn’t stick out to you - there just aren’t that many 4x4 pool cue cases on the market today, unfortunately.

Joe Porper 4x4 Pool Cue Case

Not much variation in color. Actually, the case is just black. Joe Porper tends to put out a lot of different accessories with very few color schemes. So, we’re lucky because we have a 4x4 case in the first place, but we can’t expect customization like a mainstream case would be able to offer.

Extremely durable, protective vinyl. This case will protect against anything aside from being totally crushed. Your equipment is safe from the elements and moisture droplets.

Boxy but professional design. The 4x4 has a pretty unique look to it. Some people will like it; some won’t. Keep in mind that it’s just a case, and people will be looking at your cues and inlays far more than they will your case(s).

Carrying options for comfort. There’s both a handle and a strap. You can remove the strap if you’d like - apparently, Joe Porper knows how annoying it is when cases don’t have that feature.

Is it the holy grail of pool cases? No. Is it the sleekest, most luxurious of pool cases? No. But it looks pretty good (in our opinion), it holds four shafts and four butts perfectly, and it does the most important job there is - protecting that equipment. If you need 4x4, click below to purchase the Joe Porper Signature Series 4x4.

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Other cases similar to the 4x4

Can you do without one of those four butts or cues?

Or maybe you’d be okay with carrying two more of each (6x6) for a more bulky case and some variation in what you could choose?

If so, go to one of the retailers below and look at all of the different sizes available. Some will have a plethora of different customization options and upscale materials for you to choose from. The only thing they won’t have is the option to fit four cues and four butts exactly - if you can do without that number, go for a smaller case, or get a bigger one and just don’t fill it up all of the way.




The bad news? There’s only one 4x4 pool cue case for you to buy. The good news? It’s a nice case from Joe Porper that gets the job done. And even better news - if you can change the size very slightly, you can get open the door to hundreds of other models, some of which can carry the desired 4x4. Good luck!