EastPoint Sports Soft Cue Case Review

EastPoint Sports Soft Cue Case Review
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The EastPoint Sports Soft Cue Case is definitely one to have. Mainly because it is extremely lightweight, totally secure and best of all inexpensive. And by inexpensive I mean you could get one for $10 or less! This soft cue case is the answer to your “bulk” problem in hard and sometimes even soft cases


-Made from durable material that is rip resistant
-Portable: easy to store or keep with you when not needed
-Very affordable


-No interior divider
-Carry strap is not adjustable


There is nothing better than a pool cue case that you can slip into your pocket. Oh yes, such a thing exists! The EastPoint Sports Soft Cue Case is the ideal portable pool cue case there is. Made from rip-proof soft material, you can simply keep it in your pocket when you’re shooting pool. This is definitely better than carrying around a bulky pool cue hard case


  • Easy to transport and store due to its soft material
  • Has a well-padded and carefully lined interior to protect your cue stick from potential damage
  • Made from durable rip-stop nylon that can withstand normal wear and tear
  • Designed to perfectly fit one butt and shaft to assemble your cue stick
  • Easy to clean, wash and maintain
  • Has a durable and sturdy zipper closure that doesn’t get stuck
  • Has a standard carry strap to make it easier to bring around
  • Also designed with an outside pocket so you can store your much needed pool game accessories such as cue stick chalk and tips

Product design

Made from the best rip-stop nylon material, the EastPoint Sports Soft Cue Case is good for carrying and storing pool cue sticks. Its lightweight material, almost adds no extra weight to your cue stick’s weight. So carrying your cue stick around in this soft cue case feels as if you’re just carrying the actual cue stick. Although the best part is, your cue stick is definitely protected from dings, scratches and other kinds of damage.

Dimension: 8.1 x 4.3 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 4 ounces

What makes EastPoint Sports Soft Cue Case stand out from the rest?

It is by far the most lightweight solution to carrying and storing your cue stick. When you take your cue stick out for a game, the soft cue case could easily be folded and fit into your pocket. Maintenance and cleaning is no fuss too, as you could easily wash and lightly brush the material. If you don't need room for more than one pool cue stick, then this ought to do the trick.


  • Easy carry and storage of pool cue stick
  • Perfect fit for a pair of butt and shaft
  • Made from durable material that is rip resistant
  • Easy to store or keep with you when not needed
  • Padded and lined interior keeps your butt and shaft in place during transport
  • Very affordable
  • Not bulky unlike the usual hard cases available in the market


  • Cue stick might not be as protected as you may hope considering it’s made from soft material
  • Butt and shaft has a tendency to rub or bump into each other
  • Carry strap is not adjustable

Amazon Review

The EastPoint Sports Soft Cue Case has a rating breakdown of 56% 5-star ratings, 29% 4-star ratings and 15% 3 to 1 star rating. Overall, it has a star rating average of 4.2 out of 5.