Iszy Billiards 1×1 Hard Pool Cue Case Review

Iszy Billiards 1×1 Hard Pool Cue Case Review
  • Style
  • Sturdiness
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Price


The 1x1 hard pool cue case is a definite hit for those who wants to give their coveted cue stick the protection it needs. It is very specific to that one you surely need for a game and that being said, it is lightweight and less bulky than multiple butts and shafts cases available.


-Very affordable
-Cushioned interior protects your butt and shaft
-Color options are perfect for both male and female players


-Fake leather material
-Pocket zipper opens too much


Tired of having to carry your cue stick in two separate pieces when you go out to play pool with your friends? Or perhaps you are sick of having your cue stick getting dinged up, accumulating dirt in storage. Well, whatever your reason is, the 1x1 hard pool cue case would definitely answer the problem. It is by far the most affordable, one-cue-stick storage solution there is.


  • Your pool cue stick is definitely protected due to the hard vinyl outer
  • At the same time, your cue stick is sheltered by cushioned cloth interior
  • Cloth separation inside the case so you can separate and ensure that your butt and shaft does not grind with one another
  • Outer pocket is perfect to house your pool cue chalk and pool cue tips
  • Built with an adjustable carrying strap, you can fix how the case fits on your shoulder or across your back
  • Very affordable, probably the most affordable hard pool cue case there is in the market
  • With six colors to choose from – black, red, gray, blue, pink, brown

Product design

This is probably the sleekest but most functional hard pool cue case you’d find available today. The 1x1 hard pool cue case does the trick for any pool player as it holds your best pool cue stick in place securely. Travel from one place to another with this pool cue carrying case and be at ease that you have all you need conveniently in one place.

Dimension: 1x1x1 inch

Weight: 1 pound

What makes stand out from the rest?

If you want a case that does exactly what it’s supposed to, then this is the case for you. It has enough room for your best pool cue stick along with some other accessories. That should be plentiful for a round of pool or two. The 1x1 hard pool cue case simply does the job. Fit for pros and amateurs alike.


  • A direct approach to keeping your cue stick protected for travel or at home
  • Cushioned interior protects your butt and shaft when you carry the case with you or from dust when in storage
  • Carrying strap can be adjusted to your preferred length for easy carry
  • Very affordable
  • Color options are perfect for both male and female players


  • Fake leather material
  • Pocket zipper is too low, there is a tendency for your stuff to fall out if opened fully
  • Material can easily get scuffed because of quality

Amazon Review

The 1x1 hard pool cue case was given a total of 70% 5-star ratings, 23% 4 star ratings and 7% of other rating values. On average, the item is rated a 4.6 out of 5 stars.