5 Popular Pool Cue Inlay Design Types

pool cue inlay patterns

If you’re just starting out with pool cue customization, you can feel free to get an overlay. That’s a decal you put on your stick, or a design that wraps around the shaft and sticks on. Overlays are pretty cheap and they’re sold almost everywhere. But when you want to take it to the next … Read more

The 6 Pool Cue Parts & Where to Buy Them

anatomy of pool cue

When you first start playing pool, you think a pool stick is just that – a stick. Any stick will do because you really aren’t that good in the first place. But as you start to get better, you start realizing the importance of your equipment, and the quality of your equipment starts to make … Read more

My Pool Cue Lost It! What Do I Do To Restore It for 2021?

How To Maintain A Pool Cue Stick

First, you should not despair. There are more problems associated with pool cues overtime. The good news is that many of them are quite simple to deal with. You do not necessarily need to purchase a new cue if the current one seems overused, but just learn what it takes to keep it in the … Read more