Billiards Games: 15 Pool Games You Must Try

The evolution of the Billiards can be traced to the 15th century in Northern Europe, where it used to be played as an outdoor lawn game that is similar to croquet. The sport would eventually be moved indoors to game rooms and played with cue sticks on a wooden table lined with a green cloth … Read more

Fifteen Ball: A Universal Game to Pool Players of All Skill Levels

How to Play Fifteen Ball

What is Fifteen Ball? Fifteen Ball is a basic game variation similar to Rotation Pool. It is not a “pocket call” game like the game of 8-ball and 9-ball. The game requires accuracy in shooting the designated object ball, which is always the lowest valued ball on the table. Just like in Rotation, a legal … Read more

Chinese Eight Ball: Billiards Game Against the Norm

Chinese Eight Ball Pool

The History of Chinese Eight Ball Chinese Eight ball or the backward eight ball play is a hybrid of the normal 8-ball game. It reverses the play of eight-ball by shooting object balls at the cue ball instead of vice versa. It is also combined with the shooting style of carom billiards game. The play … Read more