How to Clean Billiard Balls in 2022

Just like any other piece of equipment, your billiard balls become dirty after playing the game. You can’t avoid dust, chalk, oil, and other residues from staining the balls. The dirt causes your balls to be rough and hence, not the best for your pool game.

Imagine shooting tarnished balls- oops! It is not pleasant at all. A billard that is not perfectly smooth has imbalanced weight; hence it doesn’t move in the right direction. As a result, it becomes tough to hit the object ball to win the match.

Therefore, it is crucial to clean your cue balls regularly. Guess what! It will increase their life expectancy and that of the pool table and, you will enjoy the game. In this article, you will learn the correct ways to have your billiard balls clean.

A Detailed Guide on How to Clean Pool Balls

If you are asking yourself how to clean billiard balls, here is a step by step guide for you;

First, the cleaning process you use depends on your balls’ type. There is a difference between cleaning polyester-based balls and resin-based balls.

The Different Methods Used to Clean Billiard Balls

A mixture of Soap and Water

It is a suitable method for both polyester-based and resin-basin balls. However, when cleaning polyester balls, use warm water but for Aramith balls, work with hot water. This is because hot water affects the quality of polyester material. Besides, if you are not sure of your pool balls’ material type, stick to using warm water. Lastly, do not use cold water because it won’t remove the residues from the balls’ surface properly.

Follow these steps for a perfect cleaning process;

  • Prepare a mixture of gentle soap or light detergent and hot/room-temperature water- In a clean bucket, put the water and add some mild soap or detergent. Mix the two properly.
  • Soak the balls in a bucket for at least 10 minutes- Take the dirty balls and soak them in the bucket with the mixture of soap and water.
  • Wipe each ball carefully with a microfiber cloth or a rag with a bit of pressure- Remove each ball from the water and wipe it well with a clean microfiber cloth. Remove the dirt on the balls to make them look bright.
  • Dry your balls thoroughly- Once each ball is clean, dry them completely. If you air-dry or half-dry them, some moisture might remain and cause spots. As a result, you stain the table surface when playing.

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Use of Professional Pool Ball Cleaners

It is pretty simple to clean your balls using a mixture of soap and water. However, you can use a more potent cleanser to make your pool balls look new again. High-quality cleaners such as Aramith Billard Ball Cleaner make your balls shine.

The Aramith cleaner is highly recommended for phenolic resin balls. It has proven its ability to clean and brighten the balls so well.

To make your cleaning process successful, have the Aramith ball cleaner, Aramith pool ball restorer, and two microfiber cloths. You can buy the Aramith billiard ball cleaner & restorer kit on Amazon.

Here is a step by step guide to follow when using the Aramith cleaner;

  1. Shake the Aramith ball restorer properly. Afterward, apply some on the balls you want to clean first.
  2. Second, polish the balls with the restorer you have applied for 30 seconds to one minute using the microfiber cloth.
  3. Use the other cloth to dry the balls well and ensure all the restorer is wiped away.
  4. Now, repeat the same procedure but this time, use the Aramith billiard ball cleaner. Shake it properly and apply it to the balls with chalk. Polish them using the microfiber cloth and finally, dry them well.

N.B: Always use the balls restorer before the cleaner because it is more potent. Hence, it helps break down the tough stains, making it easy to remove them with the cleaner.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Pool Balls

Dishwashing Liquid

You can use your dishwashing machine to clean the resin-based balls. This is because they react like standard glass when put in the machine. However, it is not advisable to use this method to clean the billiard balls.

You need to be very careful whenever you decide to wash your Aramith balls in the machine. First, avoid using harsh dishwashing liquid because it will damage the shiny finish of your ball. As a result, the pool ball gets some marks and scratches. The damage will affect the trajectory of the billiard balls while shooting and scratch the pool table.

Household Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning your cue ball, avoid using household cleaning products such as harsh soaps & detergent, and steel wool. These products destroy the quality of your pool balls.

For instance, when you use bleach detergent to clean billiard balls repeatedly, the balls are likely to turn pink. Also, the use of products like steel wool or brush gives your pool balls scratches. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to clean the balls.

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Additional Tips in Cleaning Your Billiard Balls

Sometimes, you may find that your pool balls not only have chalk and other dirt, but they also have yellow stains. The stain is mainly caused by oxidation from rust on metals that make them lose their beauty. What can you do to remove the yellow stain on your balls?

Resin-based Balls

Use the Aramith billiard cleaner and restorer to remove yellow stain from your Aramith balls. Begin by shaking the restorer well and apply it to the balls. Then, buff it with a microfiber cloth and ensure you wipe it all. Apply the cleaner and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe it off. Let the pool balls dry correctly.

If you want to make them extra shiny, use the correct ball polish to avoid compromising each ball’s quality. Look for a good-quality ball polish that suits your balls- one that won’t affect the ball’s speed or the pool table’s quality.

Polyester-based Pool Balls

When you clean your balls and realize they have yellow stains, you shouldn’t worry. It is possible to do away with them and make your billiard balls shine again. After the primary cleaning with a mixture of water and soap, put a small amount of baking soda in a bowl and add some water slowly. Stir until you have a smooth baking soda paste. Rub the paste on each pool ball individually using a clean microfiber cloth. When done, quickly rinse the balls with cold water. Ensure you have cleaned all the baking soda to remain on the pool balls’ surface. Finally, dry the balls thoroughly.

It would be in vain to spend your time, energy, and resources cleaning the pool balls and finally keep them inappropriately. Therefore, please find the best way to keep your balls to remain clean and in good shape.

One of the best ways to keep your billiard balls when not in use is using a case. When in this case, you will keep them off the dust and debris from the pool tables. Besides, you will prevent them from potential spills that may cause stubborn stains.

Advantages of Keeping Your Billiard Balls Clean

As the owner of billiard balls, there are numerous advantages to keeping your balls clean. Here are a number of them;

  1. The balls last longer– The more you take care of the billiards, the longer they will stay. Therefore, schedule some time to clean them regularly after playing the game. It extends their life expectancy.
  2. It saves you money– Do you want to lower your budget on your pool game expenses? Cleaning the balls properly is the way to go. Come to think of it, what is cheaper between buying the cleaning products and buying a new pack of pool balls? Also, clean pool balls help you to maintain your pool tables. As a result, you save the cost of purchasing new balls and the expense of buying a new pool table.
  3. You play well– Well-maintained billiards provide the means to a good shoot. You need to spin your cue ball to hit the object balls. To achieve this, there must be friction co-efficiency which is possible with well-maintained pool balls. Besides, clean billiard balls have a balance and hence will move smoothly across the felt. As a result, you will achieve the value of your efforts.
  4. Protects the pool game felt- when your pool balls have chalk, dust, oil, or anything dirty, they spoil the felt. The contaminants cause dirt on the felt, which calls for cleaning and maintenance. This adds to your expense list, but you can avoid it by cleaning your balls.

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Why do billiard balls turn yellow?

Sometimes, you may find that your pool balls have yellow stains. The yellow coloration comes from the oxidation process from rust on metals. Exposure to air and oxygen causes rust.

Should you wax pool balls?

It is not recommendable to wax your pool balls. The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) is against waxed balls for tournament play. The wax affects how the pool balls spin, their speed, and their contact with the other balls. Besides, wax is not good on a felt.

How do I get my pool balls white again?

It is simple to make your billiard balls look new again. First, understand the type of balls you have, that is, whether they are acrylic/polyester-based or resin-based. Use the simple method of a mixture of clean water and soap. However, for the polyester balls, use lukewarm water while you use hot water for resin ones.
Mix the clean, warm, or hot water properly with light detergents or gentle soap. Soak your balls for 5 to 10 minutes in the mixture. Then, remove them and wipe away the soapy water together with the dirt with a microfiber cloth by applying a little pressure. Finally, dry your pool balls properly and ensure no moisture is left behind. Moisture causes staining thus, diminishing the attractiveness of the balls.

How long do billiard balls last?

Billiard balls can last between one to three years. It depends on how often you use them, maintain them, their quality, and the environmental conditions they are exposed to. However, high-quality pool balls like phenolic resin types can last between five to eight years. Also, this doesn’t mean that your balls become useless after one or two years of use. It only means they don’t meet the WPA standards. Hence, you can still use them to play with your billard people.

Final Thoughts

No one wants to be disappointed when playing a pool game. It would be best to delight in ball cleaning the same way you enjoy spinning during a match. Therefore, please find the best pool ball cleaner for them and take some time to clean them properly. With clean balls, you will have an enjoyable game of pool with your guys.

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