How to Clean a Pool Table: Spills and General Cleaning

I can almost guarantee that at one point in time, someone will spill something on your pool table. You may be enjoying your game of pool and poof. Spill on its way! Whether it be beer, juice or some food, it’s a total shame that your pool table might be ruined by the stains that these circumstances could give. Well, not necessarily. If you know how to clean a pool table well, you need not worry about the accidental stuff. Well it can also be intentional, who knows?

This article will show you the steps on how to clean a pool table – the right way.

For Spills:

Again, as mentioned, this ought to happen at one time regardless of how careful you are. Don’t despair though, there’s a simple method to clean spills on your pool table.

The general idea is to clean spills IMMEDIATELY!

And I mean immediately. Do not wait till a game is over or whatever. You cannot play on a wet, stained pool table anyway.

Use warm water and a colorless absorbent cloth.

Do not think about using soap to clean the stain, especially on the felt. Soap doesn’t do very well on felt material. Rather than having it cleaned, you are more likely to make things worse. So just use warm water and a white absorbent cloth.

1. Place wet (not soaking) cloth with warm water on the stain. DO NOT PRESS INTO IT. Let the cloth and water do its trick.

2. Lift it up in a minute or two to see if there’s any bubbling or any indication of a reaction. If there is do not proceed with the method and call your pool table store or pool table repair. If no reaction takes place, then you’re good to go.

3. Put dry uncolored cloth into the spill area to absorb excess water.

4. Repeat cycle until spill mark is thoroughly cleaned.

General Cleaning:

Now, general cleaning will ensure that your pool table’s life exceeds expectation. It is only with constant care, and yes, cleaning that this could be achieved.

1. Remove all balls from the pockets

This will give you an unrestricted access to cleaning. Also this provides an opportunity for you to actually clean the pool balls as well. Use warm water and a soft cloth to clean the balls. Then let it air dry.

2. Use a pool table brush to clean the felt. 

If you don’t already have this, you can purchase it online. You would normally get a bundle of two, one is a regular brush. While the other has bristles that are longer at the edges and the shorter in the middle. It is recommended to use this every after use of the pool table to prolong the felt’s life.

3. Vacuum the holes

Use a thin, long nozzle attachment to your vacuum cleaner. This ensures that the holes are also cleaned well and that dirt that may have accumulated on the insides is removed.

4. Polish the wooden area or the rest of the table (aside from the felt). 

You can use a conventional market available cleaners. This is also essential to ensure that all contaminants are cleaned out to prevent them from getting to the felt.

5. Try proprietary products.

There are a lot of products that claims to remove stain on your pool table felt without the harmful effects. You can check them out and maybe purchase one to try it. Make sure that it has a guarantee and is indeed made by a trustworthy company.

Cleaning your pool table regularly not only increases its life span but gives you the most enjoyable game play every time. Playing on a poorly maintained table not only is a bust, but could cause damage to your pool balls, cue stick and all other accessories. If you are not much into maintaining, check out some low maintenance pool tables that might be more suitable for you.

Last updated on May 11th, 2018