How to Clean Billiard Balls in 2022

how to clean brunswick centennial pool balls

Just like any other piece of equipment, your billiard balls become dirty after playing the game. You can’t avoid dust, chalk, oil, and other residues from staining the balls. The dirt causes your balls to be rough and hence, not the best for your pool game. Imagine shooting tarnished balls- oops! It is not pleasant … Read more

Billiards Games: 15 Pool Games You Must Try

The evolution of the Billiards can be traced to the 15th century in Northern Europe, where it used to be played as an outdoor lawn game that is similar to croquet. The sport would eventually be moved indoors to game rooms and played with cue sticks on a wooden table lined with a green cloth … Read more

How to Find Antique Pool Tables

There may be a lot of available modern-day pool tables available out there. But for some people, the modern just won’t cut it. You may be among a number of people whose idea of a pool table is a classic look of an antique pool table. You, just like the rest probably find the idea … Read more

How to Clean a Pool Table: Spills and General Cleaning

I can almost guarantee that at one point in time, someone will spill something on your pool table. You may be enjoying your game of pool and poof. Spill on its way! Whether it be beer, juice or some food, it’s a total shame that your pool table might be ruined by the stains that … Read more

How To Hold A Pool Cue Stick?

A lot of talented, professional pool players would have no typical answer or proper guide when asked about the correct way to hold a pool cue stick. This is mainly because to hold a pool cue stick essentially comes to them naturally, and they’d find it hard to actually “explain” the process to someone else. Not … Read more

How To Clean Your Billiards Table for 2022

Cleaning a Billiards Table

The popularity of billiards tables in the 20th Century has given them iconic status as a piece of gaming equipment. They’ve managed to achieve a versatility that makes them as well suited for a smoky bar as they are for a sheik penthouse apartment. Regardless of where they are though, they tend to get fairly … Read more

My Pool Cue Lost It! What Do I Do To Restore It for 2022?

How To Maintain A Pool Cue Stick

First, you should not despair. There are more problems associated with pool cues overtime. The good news is that many of them are quite simple to deal with. You do not necessarily need to purchase a new cue if the current one seems overused, but just learn what it takes to keep it in the … Read more