The 6 Pool Cue Parts & Where to Buy Them

When you first start playing pool, you think a pool stick is just that – a stick. Any stick will do because you really aren’t that good in the first place.

But as you start to get better, you start realizing the importance of your equipment, and the quality of your equipment starts to make a big difference in how well you play, too.

In the case of pool, your equipment is your cue. Below, we’ll go over every pool cue part and explain how it affects the stick overall. Then, we’ll give you a list of the best online pool cue retailers to buy your parts from, ranging from affordable to high-end. If you’re building a new stick or buying parts for a worn-down one, read on.

(Skip to the “Where to buy pool cue parts” header if you already know the anatomy of a pool stick.)

The 6 standard parts of a pool cue

1. Tip – You hit the ball with the tip. It’s usually made of leather, though the hardness of the leather (hard or soft) varies by cue. Try both and pick the tip you prefer. The better the quality of the leather, the more expensive the tip.

2. Ferrule – Steadies the shot by reducing vibration between the tip and shaft. Also gives the tip more power.

3. Shaft – The main part of the pool cue. Made of all different types of wood. Often times, the major selling point for high-end pool cues is the wood used – sometimes sourced from exotic locations like Africa or treated with special processes.

4. Ring – Strengthens the joint of the pool cue. Different cues will have rings made of different materials.

5. Collar – One of the most customizable pieces of the cue. Can be made of a myriad of materials, ranging from steel all the way to ivory. Helps with controlling the balance of energy throughout the cue. Quality of collar is very noticeable at higher levels of play.

6. Joint – Connects the butt of the pool cue to the wooden shaft. Also helps regulate energy transfer as the collar does.

We’ve given you a jumping off point. The game of pool is very complex and manufacturers will have pool cue parts available in almost every type of material imaginable. Before purchasing from a retailer (listed below), always do research on the materials to ensure they match with your style of play.

Where to buy pool cue parts

Going to your local billiards shop is always ideal to see the parts in person. But if you don’t have a billiards shop nearby (they’re not very common), the three retailers below are the next best thing.

Ozone Billiards

Ozone is one of the oldest online retailer of pool cue parts. They’re known for their exemplary customer assistance and their options for customization. We’d recommend starting here on your search if you want a personalized, 1-on-1 shopping experience. They cater to commercial establishments, too.

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Budget Billiards

In case you somehow hadn’t noticed, playing pool or billiards is expensive. You need the table (duh), but you also need to buy the materials to play the game, parts for your cue included.

Budget Billiards focuses on offering mid- to high-end parts at very low prices. If you have a part from a specific brand in mind, you might not find it here, but if you’re in browsing mode, check out their current sales to see if you can snag a deal on some discounted parts.

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Billiard Warehouse

Billiard Warehouse is like the Walmart of pool accessories – they have almost everything you can imagine. They operate in a similar fashion to a website like Amazon, meaning their prices are low, their shipping is fast, and their customer service is great, but you might not get the personal experience you would get with a smaller retailer like Ozone Billiards.

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If you’re constructing a new stick or buying parts for your existing one, scroll up to determine which part(s) need replacing and go to one of our suggested retailers to get started. If you have questions on the part(s) you need to buy, all of the companies above are available through phone during regular business hours. Good luck!

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