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Own a Harley? Pair the bike with your pool game. Harley Davidson makes all sorts of promotional items, and lucky for us, pool cues are on that list. In general, they’re considered to be decent cues, and considering the price, they’re not bad deals at all.

Below, we’ll cover Harley Davidson pool cues including how good they are, the different models offered, and the best/cheapest places to buy. If you love pool and you love your Harley, continue on.

Construction and performance

Harley Davidson pool cues tend to range from $30 to $150, depending on the model you choose.

For that price, you shouldn’t be expecting elite performance like you would get from a professional pool cue. It’s sort of like how you can’t buy a pool table for around $1,000 and expect something professional– it’s just not economically feasible.

But for the price range, a Harley Davidson pool cue is a pretty good deal. Overall, players have no complaints with the cues, and some say they perform as well as cues that are 2-3x as expensive. You do pay for the brand name, but because it’s Harley Davidson, you’re getting the best of the best, too. (It’s sort of like how Harley doesn’t make cheap bikes.)

Types of Harley Davidson pool cues

Classic branded – There are plenty of cue designs that revolve around the Harley Davidson logo. If that’s your thing, choose a branded pool cue. Along with the logo, the cues are usually black, gray, or a combination of both.

Harley Davidson Cue Stick

Tribal – The most popular non-branded offering from Harley is the tribal pool cue. It matches with your biker gear and everything blends together nicely. View more pictures by clicking the link below.

Other – You can find dozens of variations, some more common than others. Vintage models will run you $400+ at the minimum, but you can get new or used lower-end models for $30 – $50, easy.

Where to buy


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eBay is always a good choice for pool and billiards accessories because of the sheer quantity available. In general, eBay is known as “the platform” to buy and sell rare, vintage, and unique pool cues. As such, there are plenty of Harley Davidson pool cues available.

Click above to browse through the listings. Always be sure to check the condition of the cue and if it’s new/used. There are plenty of brand new ones on eBay, but if you want one with more sex appeal, check out the used and vintage offerings that have been kept in mint condition.

Google Shopping

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Many online retailers carry Harley Davidson pool cues, but some only carry one or two models in their inventory. It’s best to use a comparative shopping site to look through thousands of retailers and browse pictures quickly.

Google Shopping is our favorite – every reliable reseller of pool cues is on there. Click above to get started – type “Harley Davidson pool cues” into the search box and you’re off.


Finally, if you prefer a more mainstream merchant – maybe because of better prices or faster shipping – then you can turn to one of the big guys like Amazon.com.

Amazon has a wide selection of branded pool cues, Harley Davidson included. There are 20+ for you to choose from – again, a quick search will display every cue and all related Harley pool and billiards accessories.

If you own a Harley (or you have a loved one who does), get an accompanying cue to match his or her passion. For a reasonable price, you can get a branded or non-branded cue that looks great with any table. Browse the merchants above to get started.

Check Out This Video Highlight Of a Harley Davidson Pool Cue:

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