Nick Varner Pool Cues: Models, Pricing, & More!

Have you ever seen ridiculous celebrity-themed products? Like in Walmart, how they have a perfume with Lady Gaga’s name on it. Or when a professional athlete endorses a product that he or she doesn’t use…

In those cases, celebrity products are a no-go. But in the case of Nick Varner, the polar opposite is true – this guy has not one, not two, but eight world championships, and he offers his expertise on talk shows and at events around the world every year.

Luckily for us, in addition to being really good at pool and billiards of all types, he knows the logistics of the game – and he’s used this knowledge to create his own private line that we can safely recommend for pool players of all skill levels.

Types & Variations of Nick Varne Cues

Within the name “Nick Varner pool cues”, there is an unbelievable amount of selection. Nick has been building his collection for more than a few years, and in that time, he’s come out with plenty of different models and designs. All in all, there are 27 different types of cues, and each one has 10+ variations in design for you to choose from!

Offerings range from high-end, elite cues all the way down to affordable cues for the masses.

For example, his World Championship line is currently his most popular, and it features the exact same cues he uses when he plays himself. That’s a real endorsement – not a celebrity just saying he “likes” or “enjoys” a product. As you can imagine, though, these cues are quite expensive – not only are they elite, but they have the prestigious name of Nick Varner behind them.

On the other end, there are cheaper ones like the “Attitude” – still a very decent cue, just not as expensive as the World Championship line.

You should pick a quality of cue depending on your skill level. If you just bought your table yesterday, go with a cheaper one, hone your skill, and upgrade once you’re good enough to justify a high-end cue. You don’t want to be the player who’s using all of the best stuff and still missing all of his shots.

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Pricing for Nick Varner’s Cues

The million dollar question – if these cues are so good and made/endorsed by one of the best pool players of all time, how much do they cost?

Well, Nick is pretty clever and makes you log in to see the complete price list. We’ve noticed that prices tend to fluctuate depending on the year and the demand for each type of cue, so you’ll have to go here, create an account (free), and look up the particular one you’re interested in.

Like we said, in general, the cues are affordable – but you should also realize that making a good pool cue isn’t necessarily cheap. So, we should really say that these cues are affordable… but some can still be expensive because of how good they are.

Should YOU get a Nick Varner?

Most of the time, you’d have to look at the quality vs. price to consider if a pool cue is right for you.

But in the case of Nick Varner, he’s done a great job in creating pool cues for every skill level. This means you can buy one that’s made of the cheapest materials possible, or you can buy one that’s made of the best materials that he himself uses. It’s up to you.

Regardless of which offering you choose, know that you’re getting the best value for your money. Even if you’re buying a cheaper cue, you’ll get the best materials and construction that you can for that price point – Nick puts his name behind each and every cue he sends out, and he doesn’t tarnish his name with subpar cues – ever!

To purchase a Nick Varner pool cue, go here to browse the selection, then go here to create an account and view the price list. The cue you’re interested in might be less expensive than you think! Good luck!

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