Diamond 9-foot Coin-Operated Smart Pool Table Review

Everyone likes playing pool that’s a known fact. That’s why a lot of businesses are now making pool tables available to their customers. Wouldn’t it just be nice to have your customers play a game of pool without you needing to supervise them for every game? Yes, that’s right, it is very much possible to have all that and more when you buy a Diamond Smart Pool Table.


  • Fully functional and high quality coin operated table perfect for business owners
  • Customization-ready felt with 16 colors that buyers could choose from
  • Comes with a second coin mechanism that allows timed play for 30 minutes at a time.
  • Coin mechanism can be set up to accept dollar coins and is perfectly positioned to actuate the timer with the coin slide
  • Theft protected revenue as the money is kept in the table
  • Made from signature Dymondwood, a material that is dent and burn resistant. Specially perfect for commercial use
  • Has a unique 22-point leveling system that makes it easier to set up evenly
  • Extremely quiet and quick ball return system for a faster and more efficient gameplay

Product Design

The Diamond Smart 9 Foot Pool table is a fully functional and cost efficient pool table perfect for home and commercial use. Its unique coin operation system is just the best way to run your business. Made from the finest materials, you are assured that it will service you for many years to come.

Product Dimension

Dimensions: 114’’ X 64” X 32”

Weight: 1200 LBS

What makes Diamond Smart Pool Table the best?

It is simply the best business companion whether for a bistro, bar or restaurant. It practically functions with little to no human intervention so you can utilize your manpower to run your business. Due to its well thought of design and practicality, it is sure to attract support from your regulars and potential customers alike.


  • Made from top quality material called Dymondwood, a Diamond Billiards trademark
  • Easy to operate, requires no human intervention to operate. Players can basically make it work on their own, so you can save manpower to focus on non-playing customers.
  • Has the most smooth and quiet ball return system. Quick as well!
  • Very accurate and reliable, can be used 24 hours a day for 365 days and it would still work as wonderful as day one.
  • Money is secure and free from theft since it is locked in inside the table
  • Sturdy and easy to level due to its unique 22-point table leveling system


  • Table is heavy due to the material it is made of.
  • Should you need to move or carry it, doing it with just two people would be impossible. You will need all the help you could get to move this baby around.
  • It will cost you more than other non-coin-operated tables, however, it will definitely prove to be a long time investment anyway

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