Hathaway Fairmont 6-foot Portable Pool Table Review

One of the most important assets in every family or game room will be a pool table. Since space is a perennial problem for most homeowners, a portable pool table is the best option to fit in a compact living space. Purchase a Hathaway Fairmont 6′ Portable Pool Table.

hathaway fairmont portable pool table

Hathaway Fairmont 6 Foot Pool Table


  • Hathaway Fairmont portable pool table looks elegant for an ebony strong melamine and fast action cushions wrapped its 5-inches wide top rails.
  • The 6′ portable pool table roll play real surface is covered by a high quality, blended wool cloth.
  • This table is completely portable with easy-folding legs 1.25 inches in diameter of hard steel System equipped with 1.5-In stabilizing leg levelers.
  • Made from blue woolen felt and blended polyester, it has a playing surface of mdf Poly Sealed with1/2-in thick certified carb.
  • Strong metal folding legs with levelers completely support the table.
  • Due to its compactness, the pool table is easy to set up and more convenient to store.
  • Its sophisticated cabinet-colored matte midnight black melamine and castings of chrome-plated corner casting are equipped with pockets made of rope net.
  • It comes with a carry/storage bag of nylon rip-resistant fabric that conveniently carries all the accessories of a pool table to play a competitive game.

Product design

The Six-foot Hathaway pool table is portable and uniquely designed to fit any small space. However, despite its compact size, it has many quality features that are comparable to the much bigger and expensive game tables. Both young and adult players are insured hours of fun and competitive play.

Product dimension

Playing surface: 66-inches in length x 33-inches in width;

Dimensions: 76 inches x 43.2 inches x 32 inches;

Weight: 115.5 pounds.

Why is the Hathaway portable pool table the best?

Become a better pool player as you practice your game in the Hathaway Fairmont portable pool table. It is a very comfortable table to play excellent games as the surface of the table is sufficiently large, which allows the balls to move easily. 

Fairmont Portable Pool Table

The table is portable so it can be easily transported to any desired destination. Since it’s compact, you can store it anywhere even under your bed or in a closet. And being made of durable material, you can expect solid performance for years to come.

Who should buy the Hathaway pool table?

This portable mini pool table is designed for suitable pool players who do not have sufficient room for standard-sized game equipment in their home. Being compact, you can easily place it on any place as long as the height matches the standard requirements. This pool table is a popular choice for families with children for its size and accessories match the height and strength of youngsters perfectly.


  • Great design – Design features of the pool table are not only great but meet all your requirements for having fun while playing pool.
  • Completely equipped – You will find all the accessories you need to start playing a good game – all accessories are included in the package.
  • Cost-efficient – you save money as well.
  • Entertaining and competitive play – Enjoy a good pool game. It does not matter if you are a pro or a newbie.
  • Good portability – The table is easily movable even with two teenagers doing the job.
  • Durability – This table is durable so you can expect playing on it for years.
  • 90-day limited warranty – Although not the longest duration but it is still quite good.


  • Leg assembly is required – You have to get a full set of instructions and the necessary tools.
  • Triangle is poorly designed. – You have to get a perfectly tight rack.

FAQs about the Hathaway Pool Table

Question: Describe the set-up, how many people?

Answer: Two people unfold the legs flip it up then level the table.

Question: How long are the cues that comes with it?

Answer: There are (2) 48 inches two-piece pool cues.

Question: Are the balls provided 2 1/4 inches in length?

Answer: Yes they are.

Question: Does the pool table fit into an apartment?

Answer: Yes, the size is compact and real cool to fit your apartment.

Question: Does this table come with a cover?

Answer: The table comes with a zippered black cloth bag large enough to fully enclose the table with its legs folded.


The conclusion from the review is very positive. The Hathaway Fairmont portable pool table is a very good choice for any casual player. You are assured of durable materials, design and accessories that will go a long way in you being entertained for hours, as well as develop you into a pro. Due to its compact design, it does not require any extra space for play and storage. If you want the best service from a pool table in the longest term, your wisest choice is a Hathaway Fairmont 6′ Portable Pool Table.

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