Mini Billard American 4′ Mini Pool Table Review

You are looking for something different in the small pool table category, the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table is the one for you. What sets this table apart from the rest is its make. You will normally find small pool tables at a price like the Blue Storm made from synthetic and easy to break materials. Well, not the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table. This table is made from a solid wood frame.


  • Table is made from a solid wood frame
  • Solid metal legs make it very sturdy and easy to level
  • Comes with complete accessories, so you are ready to go once received
  • Easy, uncomplicated set up that comes with a full manual as your guide
  • Felt is of good quality too
  • Portable and very easy to store when not needed
  • Fit for tight spaces and small homes
  • Good for both kids and adults


Seen in the photo is a Blue Storm 4′ Miniature Pool Table.

Product Design

Its solid wood frame is its bestselling point. Although you will definitely appreciate other things about the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table. Its legs are stable and easy to level so you won’t have to worry about the table being uneven. Its size is a perfect fit for kids and adults alike to play with.

Dimension: 30.5 inches H x 48.0 inches L x 26.0 inches

Weight: 42.0 pounds

What makes the CHH Mini Folding Pool Table the Best Small Pool Table?

Now this mini pool table is a sight to see. What makes this table special among others is that it’s made of a solid wood frame. Although what’s surprising is that, all those wood and craftsmanship is housed in a tiny package. Don’t let its size fool you though. There is something about the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table that may make you want to consider it as your small pool table of choice. One other fact to consider is that, this comes with complete pool accessories.


  • Its solid hard wood frame is something to admire about this table
  • ·Metal legs are very sturdy and completely foldable
  • Table is portable as it is of standard weight (for a small pool table) and is size is perfect
  • Storage is no hassle as the folding legs makes it easy to keep
  • Perfect for tight spaces and small homes
  • Price wise, you get the best for the buck when you buy the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table


  • Rails are not as bouncy as that of a normal table
  • Cues are very lightweight
  • Table shake easily if not leveled properly

Amazon Review

This Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table has received a total of 69% 5-star reviews and 31% 4-star reviews. Making its overall star rating average a 4.7 out of the possible 5 stars.

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