Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5-foot Billiard Table Review


-The perfect space saver billiards table
Disc style levelers makes it easy to adjust to the perfect height
-Stylish bamboo laminate exterior


MDF bed warps in moist environments
-Cue stick included in the package is too light4.6

Billiard tables can range anywhere from 7-10 feet long, which can easily crowd any rec room. For the player looking to round out their game room with a lack of real estate, the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5 billiard table offers the rare opportunity to deliver all the fun of traditional billiards in a table that’s only 6.5 feet long.

Dynasty Space Saver 6.5′ Billiard Table

Quick Feature List:

  • 5′ Space Saver design fits in smaller rooms
  • Leg levelers for perfectly even playing surface
  • Automatic ball return- quickly reset games
  • Double-sealed MDF play-bed for consistent Roll
  • Green nylon cloth for classic game parlor look
  • Includes 2 Cues, set of billiard balls, triangle, and chalk (2)

Adaptable Design

Built with a classic tournament style silhouette, this 6 foot pool table fits in any room, leaving plenty of extra space. Disc-style leg levelers allow you to adjust the height of each corner of the table for a perfectly level playing surface even when the floor is sloped. And because it only weighs between 150-200 pounds, this space saver table is heavy enough to resist tilting during play, yet light enough to be transported without requiring disassembly. Cross supports between the table legs increase the rigidity of the table to prevent wobbling when leaned on.

Exterior Features

The Dynasty showcases a stylish bamboo laminate exterior that compliments almost any décor and is outfitted with black corner posts and caps for a classic touch. The 5.5 inch rails offer solid resistance for consistent rebound, and the green nylon cloth is a durable material that withstands aggressive family play.

MDF Playing Bed

This Mizerak Dynasty 6.5 foot table is available only with an MDF (medium density fiberboard) playing bed. MDF tables are designed for use at home, and are constructed from lightweight materials that make them ideal for family use.

If you’re considering an MDF table, take into consideration that the cushion response, cloth quality, and the build quality will not be close to the premium grade of a slate table. However, with a slate bed table, you can’t move the piece around. With an MDF table, you can expect pool to be fun with the advantage of being lightweight. Just keep in mind that you won’t get quite the same play response as you would from a slate bed table you’re used to playing on in the pubs.

Ball Return system

In line with the latest features, the rail integrated pockets on this model lead balls to the end of the table for a ball return system that makes resetting for another game quick and easy.

Reviews from Customers on Amazon

Customers who’ve purchased this table have been largely happy with its performance. It earned a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is recommended for less serious players.

Users mostly love the Dynasty series for it’s:

  • Good value
  • Compact size
  • Family appeal


Here are some things you will love about this table:

  1. It’s smaller, space saving size allows all ages, especially younger children, to play
  2. It’s a good starter table for beginners or those looking to add furniture to their rec room without breaking the bank
  3. Lightweight and easy to assemble
  4. Durable materials
  5. Seamless ball-return


Here are some things you will dislike about this table:

  1. MDF bed warps in moist environments like a basement
  2. Some players complained cloth ripped easily
  3. Cue sticks included are not the best quality (too light)


The Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6 .5 foot Pool Table may be downsized, but it still covers all the angles! Having a smaller rec room doesn’t have to crush your dreams of owning a billiards table you can be proud of. With a price point of just under $500, this table is largely considered a toy, and is ideal for young children or players just looking for some casual fun, not precision play. The MDF is sufficient for home users and is made of artificial materials, and such the pieces used in manufacturing this entry-level of table are inferior, therefore, the warrant is more limited and the life of the table is short-lived (less than five years). MDF tops can also warp or sag, swell and bulge if exposed to moisture or placed in a high humidity area. However being lighter weight allows the Mizerak Dynasty to be moved easier and is a good pool table option if being placed in an upper level of the home.

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