Mizerak Dakota BRS 8-Foot Billiard Table Review


-Has a sleek contemporary design
-With internal ball return system
-Uses Slatron instead of Slate which makes it more affordable


-Self assembly can be time consuming
-Low bounce and slow roll4.4

Mizerak billiard tables showcase solid, clean designs with proven value that fit any budget. The P5423W1 Dakota BRS 8-Foot billiard table upholds this commitment as it showcases many specs that will appeal to the casual player or hobbyist without compromising on craftsmanship. If you’re looking for further information about this heritage brand’s mid-range game table options, this Mizerak Dakota pool table review is a great starting point.

Quick Feature List:

  • Internal ball return system
  • Blue-grey wool-blend cloth
  • 3 5/8-inch laminate top rails with full profile
  • K66 nose rubber that provides uniform rebound and consistent play
  • Metal frame rails and a laminate cabinet offer stability paired with a classic silhouette that adapts to any game room
  • Available with both slate and slatron beds
  • Includes: accessory kit – (2) cues, (1) set of balls, (1) triangle, brush, and (2) chalk

Stable Design

Built with a classic hall style silhouette, the Mizerak Dakota pool table answers the call of the wild with a sturdy construction that will withstand abuse. The reinforced pedestal levelers react well to all floor surfaces, and the wool-blend cover allows for a smooth roll and resists aggressive play.

Slatron vs Slate

Available in the industry-standard slate design (wavering around $1,100-$1,200), as well as a synthetic composite, slatron, (conveniently priced below $1,000), this table plays better and has a more accurate surface when outfitted with a slate bed. If you’re willing to spend a few hundred more bucks, it’s worth the investment to purchase slate, however, if you’re adamant about purchasing a lighter option, read on to the Mizerak slatron pool table review below.

Slatron is a man-made material comprised of resin-reinforced wood fibers. It has a glass-smooth surface that is 20 times denser than particle board (MDF). Although slatron is considered the most durable of synthetic slates, its quality is far below that of real slate, as it has a tendency to decay and warp over time, causing resistance when playing. Surface spills can accelerate this process.

This tables metal frame and laminate cabinet ensures years of durability no matter which bed you choose. The slate surface is the better and more accurate option, though slatron is reliable enough for weekend warriors.

Ball Return system

In line with the latest features, the Dakota is outfitted with plastic rail integrated pockets and an internal ball return system for practical play.

Reviews from Customers on Amazon

Customers who’ve purchased this table have been largely happy with its performance. It earned a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is recommended for less serious players.

Users mostly love the Dakota series for it’s:

  • Fair price point
  • Smooth playing surface
  • Durability


Here are some things you will love about this table:

  1. The Dakota is a step up from some lower tier Mizerak models such as the Dynasty series
  2. It’s not overly priced and allows the consumer to purchase a slate bed without breaking the bank or having to resort to buying a used table
  3. The slatron model can be worked into an even tighter budget, and seems to be resilient despite the hypocrisy behind composite playing surfaces
  4. The design is appealing, robust and nicely contributes to the quotient of style in any room


Here are some things you will dislike about this table:

  1. Self-assembly is time consuming and involved
  2. The ball return system has some kinks, with tendency for balls to stick to the PVC or get stuck in the pocket
  3. Users often complain about the low bounce in the cushions and slow roll due to the felt quality

But for a mid-range table, if you’re willing to settle with a few minor inconveniences, you can still have a table that plays well.


When it comes to billiards tables brand is king. The brand you choose will affect the aesthetics of your table, superiority of the materials it’s constructed from, and of course how precise your gameplay is. Mizerak tables are cheap enough to be mass produced and can be found at Amazon. The Dakota provides the consumer with two bed options that are friendly to most budgets. As an introductory game table, it has sufficient durability that will be appreciated by families and those looking to add some fun to their game room. Its laminated cabinet makes the price conservative, and you still get quality K-66 cushions all around – plus it comes complete with all the accessories to get started right away.

If you’re looking for a piece that’s kid-friendly and you’re not a serious player, this series is a good choice. More experienced players could find the quality of the materials frustrating. If pool is your thing and you care about quality, you may want to continue on to high-end tables if your budget permits.

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