Voit 48-inch Billiard Table Set Review

small billiard table

[wp-review id=””] Finding the perfect small pool table is tricky. There are a lot of considerations to run through before you can finally decide on one. But let me tell you something about the Voit 48-inch Billiard Table Set. This small pool table is made for convenience and affordability. Features Made from engineered wood that’s … Read more

Mini Billard American 4′ Mini Pool Table Review

space saver pool table

You are looking for something different in the small pool table category, the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table is the one for you. What sets this table apart from the rest is its make. You will normally find small pool tables at a price like the Blue Storm made from synthetic and easy to break materials. Well, not the Blue … Read more

How to Find Antique Pool Tables

There may be a lot of available modern-day pool tables available out there. But for some people, the modern just won’t cut it. You may be among a number of people whose idea of a pool table is a classic look of an antique pool table. You, just like the rest probably find the idea … Read more

Pool Cue Wraps Breakdown: Material Types & Places to Buy

pool cue wraps

A pool cue wrap is a piece of material you slip around your stick to give increased grip to your shooting hand. It’s often the first piece of equipment that a new pool player buys for him or herself, so if you’re doing research on them, you’re off to a great start. Below is your … Read more

Friendly and Family Leisure at its Best

With all the stresses of everyday life, it is very important for people to unwind every once in a while. In fact, as the toxicity of everyday living seems to grow, it is actually advisable to find a way to release even more. The problem is, finding a good place or a good way to … Read more

Diamond 9-foot Coin-Operated Smart Pool Table Review

Everyone likes playing pool that’s a known fact. That’s why a lot of businesses are now making pool tables available to their customers. Wouldn’t it just be nice to have your customers play a game of pool without you needing to supervise them for every game? Yes, that’s right, it is very much possible to have all … Read more