The Honest Grand Review of Small Pool Tables 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and you’re probably still stomped with what gift to give the family. Well, I I urge you to get something which the whole family could bond over with. How about a pool table? If you are stricken by budget and room space this review is just for you, as we have listed the best small pool tables fit for this year, the new year and years to come.

Why get a small pool table?

I’m certain you’re reading through this as you are considering to get a small pool table. This may be to compare the advantages of a small pool table from a regular sized one. Either way, may this guide help you get the answers you need to go for a small pool table over the normal sized pool table.

Installation is easy

Unlike the regular pool tables, small pool tables are very easy to set up. You wouldn’t need to put a sweat into assembling it after delivery. Even off the store. A lot of these small pool tables comes with an easy to follow set-up manual, and some doesn’t even need that at all. You just need to unfold it and it’s ready to go. No installation means getting into the game as soon as the table arrives in your home.

A small pool table is a portable pool table

Because of its size and make, small pool tables are normally portable. They are built with their legs foldable making it very easy to move anywhere you like. Portability is always a good thing to have especially when it’s for recreation purposes. Having a small pool table makes owning a pool table even more manageable. Not that owning the normal size pool table is tedious work. But in reality, a small pool table will help make things easier for you in every case. May it be wanting to move your pool table, cleaning it, setting it up, and the list goes on. A portable pool table is manageable and totally handy (in a way).

Perfect for small homes

Pool tables are notorious for being big, bulky entertainment pieces. However, the normal sized pool table doesn’t always go well in a tight space. Sure you could force your home to have one of the regular sized pool tables, but it would definitely take up your living space if you live in a regular sized apartment. A mini pool table is the best solution to have both a pool table and space in your home. On another upside, a small pool table would definitely be loved both by adults and kids as they could almost play with it (still with a little help from the adults though).

It’s a treat for the kids

Since regular pool tables are far too high and big for kids to play with, small pool tables make the perfect table for the young ones. A small pool table is built with right height and just the exact size which children could play with. Prepare to train all your kids and your kids’ friends to play pool. I’m sure you would enjoy it as much as they do.

Oh, might I add, affordability!

Well, it may not come as an utter surprise to you that regular pool tables are expensive. The good ones even go for $2000-$8000. That is a whole lot of money to spend if you ask me. One great point to consider when buying a pool table is the price. And it might be satisfying for you to know that a small pool table could cost as low as 1/8th of the regular sized one. The most expensive we’ve seen so far that a mini pool table cost is about five hundred bucks. Now isn’t that just something worth pondering about?

CHH Mini Folding Pool Table

small pool tables for adults

Seen in the photo is a CHH mini billiards table looking stunning inside a customer’s home.

This foldable pool table is one to admire. If you want all the benefits of a miniature pool table in one, then this is something you should consider to buy. For its price, you’re definitely getting the best out of every penny and more. The CHH Folding Pool Table is an all packed measuring 44W x 24D x 29H inches. It’s not just its size that you can call perfect, it’s an all-in-one package. It comes with real billiard balls, 2 pool cues, a rack, brush and chalk. This table has foldable legs that makes it very easy to set up and keep at the same time.

No need to worry about storage anymore as this could even fit under your bed when folded. The CHH company is known for manufacturing and distributing casino tables, accessories etc. This goes from Mahjong to roulettes. And if that is not enough, they have action figures as well. Quite recently into their venture, they started producing gaming tables. Thus, eventually producing this wonderful piece of foldable mini pool table.

CHH’s mini fold up pool table is about half the size of a standard 7-foot table. This means that despite it being small, you will still get to enjoy a pretty realistic game. The height of this model is 29 inches which is actually quite close to the standard for professional tables set by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA). The WPA states that the height should be between 29 1/4 inches and 31 inches. Basically, this table can be comfortably used by adults with average height as well as by children.

What you’d surely love about this table is having the chance to experience a game of pool at the comfort of your home. A pool table that doesn’t take up much space and you can comfortably move elsewhere if you desire. This is a good training ground for kids and adults alike but with a guarantee that is made from the best metal materials that you could ask for. The CHH folding pool table seems to be a crowd pleaser as it has been reviewed

Blue Storm 4′ Mini Pool Table

mini pool table

Seen in the photo is a Blue Storm 4′ Miniature Pool Table.

The Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table is made with a solid hard wood frame. Something you won’t normally see for a pool table of this size and price. Its folding legs on the other hand, are made of solid metal. Therefore, making it really sturdy and levelled. Users of this table feels highly about how good it is to play on the Blue Storm Mini Table.

If you are looking for something different in the small pool table category, the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table is the one for you. What sets this table apart from the rest is its make. You will normally find small pool tables at a price like the Blue Storm made from synthetic and easy to break materials. Well, not the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table. This table is made from a solid wood frame.

Its solid wood frame is its bestselling point. Although you will definitely appreciate other things about the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table. Its legs are stable and easy to level so you won’t have to worry about the table being uneven. Its size is a perfect fit for kids and adults alike to play with.

Now this mini pool table is a sight to see. What makes this table special among others is that it’s made of a solid wood frame. Although what’s surprising is that, all those wood and craftsmanship is housed in a tiny package. Don’t let its size fool you though. There is something about the Blue Storm 4’ Mini Pool Table that may make you want to consider it as your small pool table of choice.

Voit 48 in Billiard Table Set

folding pool tables

Seen in the photo is the Voit 48-inch billiard table. Placed conveniently inside a satisfied customer’s home.

The Voit 48-inch Billiard Table Set has got a different thing going design wise. Made from engineered wood specifically built to withstand the test of time. Its protective steel and rubber layer gives an extra layer of assurance that this table won’t give out that easily. It may be hard to believe this considering that it is only a little over one hundred dollars. But you better believe it, as plenty have already given it a chance and up to now is able to enjoy the table. Its foldable and adjustable steel legs were crafted to ensure that you get to enjoy the table at any given situation.

Measuring 48L x 26.5W x 31H inches, the Voit is slightly bigger than other mini and portable pool tables. What’s true to life about this piece is that, it actually weighs close to the real thing. Yes, it does. So don’t let its size fool you at all. You may need a little help in moving it around as it weighs approximately 50 pounds according to some users. But I bet you wouldn’t completely mind that considering you save space with this table.

Although truth be told, there have been some complaints with some shipping issues (I would assume). But there have been reports wherein the frame has come out after shipping. But let that not discourage you, there’s a limited warranty (either by shipper or manufacturer) to cover this. You just have to make sure to attend to your table as soon as it is shipped to you. Do not wait long before you open up the package and see how things are. Warranty may be voided if you wait a few weeks or for a special day to inspect the item.

Bello Games Deluxe Folding Pool Table Extra Large 44″

foldaway pool table

Seen in the photo is a Bello Games Deluxe Folding Pool Table Extra Large 44″ set-up conveniently within the living room.

If you are looking for a small pool table that is comparable to a professional table, then look no further. The Bello Games Deluxe Folding Pool Table Extra Large 44’’ is a commendable work of art. The craftsmanship exerted in producing this table is full of thought. The Bello Games mini pool table is one to have and enjoy for many years to come.

Bello Games New York’s Deluxe Folding Pool Table may come with a name of “extra-large”. However, it is in reality just a way to refer to its size among other small pool tables. What I mean about that is it’s the largest from the array of pool tables produced by Bello Games.

The Bello Games Deluxe Folding Table is made of materials that are built to last. Its hardwood frame and folding steel legs makes it sturdy and elegant at the same time. Its playing surface is one that is comparable to professional pool tables. The only thing is, you get all that beauty and perks in a smaller package. What you’d absolutely love about this table is that, it is a perfect table that requires minimal room space.

This table is very easy to set up, totally manageable to maintain and also easy to store. Should you need to go to a function and wish to bring this, no worries too, as the Bello Games small pool table is also portable. All you need to do is to fold the legs and load it in your car. Storage is no fuss too as this fits under your bed or even in a closet vertically. The best thing is that, you get to enjoy a professional looking table for a very affordable price.

Hathaway Fairmont 6’ Portable Pool Table

hathaway fairmont portable pool table

Seen in this photo is a Hathaway Fairmont 6ft Table with its foldable metal legs.

Carrying the Hathaway name, this pool table is guaranteed to give you maximum performance. The Farimont model is specifically designed for homes without ample space for a regular sized pool table. While the standard pool tables of 7’ – 9’ made by the same brand is outstanding, you would think that this being a smaller table performs less. In reality, the Hathaway Fairmont 6’ mini pool table does not short change when it comes to performance. Its state of the art design and complete portability is just among its many selling points. The best part is, it is a very good choice for a family table as even kids and teenagers can play a game of pool or snooker using this table.

Become a better pool player as you practice your game in the Hathaway Fairmont portable pool table. It is a very comfortable table to play excellent games as the surface of the table is sufficiently large, which allows the balls to move easily. The table is portable so it can be easily transported to any desired destination. Since it’s compact, you can store it anywhere even under your bed or in a closet. And being made of durable material, you can expect solid performance for years to come.

The Hathaway Fairmont 6’ portable pool table is designed for suitable pool players who do not have sufficient room for standard-sized game equipment in their home. Being a compact pool table, you can easily place it on any place as long as the height matches the standard requirements. This pool table is a popular choice for families with children for its size and accessories match the height and strength of youngsters perfectly.

HLC 55″ Folding Space Saver Pool Table

pool tables small

Marvel in the physique of the HLC Space Saver Pool Table. Looking very royal in blue felt.

Are you looking for a small pool table that’s close to the real thing quality wise? Give this review a chance and you might realize that the HLC 55” Folding Space Saver Pool Table is the answer to your need. This table is carefully designed to look and feel like a professional pool table that’s scaled down to fit tight spaces.

Have you been wanting a pool table of your own but don’t have enough space to accommodate a regular sized table? Well, let me introduce you to the HLC 55” Folding Space Saver Pool Table. This billiard table is one that you most definitely need to check out. This table does the job, and will sur1ely be a hit among family and friends.

HLC 55” Folding Space Saver Pool Table is designed to be durable and functional at the same time. It is made from solid wood, thus giving you the assurance that it will last for a long time. Even the accessories that come with it are of good quality. The 2 pool cues which comes with the package are also made of solid wood.

If you want a table to play with that’s close to the real thing (at least quality wise) then there’s no better table for you than the HLC 55” Folding Space Saver Pool Table. What makes this table special is that it is made of solid wood. Manufacturers have tagged it as an “authentic miniature pool table”.

HomCom Folding Miniature Pool Table

lightweight pool table

Seen in the photo is a HomCom Miniature Space Saver Pool Table.

Have you been meaning to buy a small pool table for so long but tight on budget? Well the HomCom Folding Miniature Pool Table is the answer to your problem. The HomCom table is a wonderful table comparable to the playing surface of standard tables. The main difference is that; you could get it for less than 5% the price of regular sized tables.

A table that is like the real thing, that’s what the HomCom Folding Miniature Billiards Pool Table is. It is perfectly designed to be an entertainment companion for small homes. Everyone fantasizes about owning a pool table. However, the size of a regular pool table isn’t really friendly to small homes. So the answer is to get a small pool table that’s a miniature version of the normal pool table.

HomCom Folding Miniature Billiards Pool Table is thoughtfully designed to match the quality of regular sized pool tables. HomCom had given the manufacturing of this table some careful planning to ensure that it comes out of comparable quality to regular sized professional pool tables.

One definite selling point of this table is that, it doesn’t short change playing surface wise. The polyester fleece top is something you don’t normally see in small pool tables. Bumper cushion is one other thing you won’t except to find in a pool table of this price. So to sum it all up, the HomCom Folding Miniature Pool Table is a piece that will give you the best value for your money. Also, the best playing experience.

HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Pool Table

mini snooker table

Seen in the photo is the 2-in-1 Pool and Snooker table from HLC.

A two-way pool table that you can use for playing snooker too. The HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Pool Table give you the best value for your money as it gives you a pool table and snooker table in one. This comes complete with both pool accessories and snooker accessories. What more could you ask for? A price like this is unbelievable enough, let alone for a 2-in-1 table, right?

Do you want to spice up the use of your pool table than just using it to play pool? Don’t you wish at times you can play another game, snooker perhaps? Well any pool table can be used to play snooker, the only problem you may likely have is that, you don’t have snooker balls. So instead of purchasing a set of snooker balls (which by the way doesn’t come cheap) you settle with playing just pool. That dilemma of whether you’d buy snooker accessories has come to an end thanks to this fully equipped HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Pool Table.

The HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Pool Table is built exactly for user’s enjoyment and convenience. Given some careful thought into, the manufacturer ensures that you get your money’s worth and more with this piece. Its playing surface is different than other small pool tables, but in a good way. Its vertical folding design makes it suitable for small rooms. Not just that, its foldable design also makes it portable and easy to store.

It is not often that you get an offer this affordable for a package of this magnitude. As the saying goes, you can’t have the best of two worlds. But that is proven wrong by the HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Pool Table set. It gives you the guarantee of maximum enjoyment due to its package inclusions. Quality is not totally sacrificed too.

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