The 5 Best Pool Table Brands For You To Choose From in 2022

When it comes to pool tables, brand is everything. The brand you choose will affect the aesthetics of your table, the quality of the materials it’s made of, and of course, how precise your gameplay is. There’s a reason why the pros play on tables that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

We’ve compiled a list of the best pool table brands to consider. These companies make high-quality, affordable pool tables for “the rest of us”. Unless you’re a genuine pool professional who plays pool for a living, one of the offerings from these brands will be more than enough for you and your level of gameplay.

Take a look below to see the best brands we selected from a group of over 100.

Mizerak: Cheap, but still okay

If you walk into a general store like Target and Walmart and search for pool tables, you’ll see only one brand: Mizerak. Their tables are cheap enough to be mass produced and sold to just about anyone.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table

With their cheaper models such as the Dynasty series, you get exactly what you pay for: the cheapest pool table possible. It will function just fine if you’re trying to have fun, but more experienced players might find the quality of the materials frustrating. For example, with the Dynasty series, users complain about a very low amount of bounce on the cushions.

They do offer more expensive models, such as the Dakota series. With a price increase of a couple hundred dollars, you move from “poor” to “acceptable” – still not great, but not terrible, and definitely workable if you’re on a tight budget.

Overall, this is the bottom-tier pool table brand – get a Mizerak if you’re getting it for children or if you’re not a serious player. If pool is your thing and you care about quality, continue on to some higher-end tables.

Leisure Select: Classic look, solid design

Leisure Select is one step up from Mizerak. For the most part, their tables cost between $2,000 and $3,000. With a budget like this, you can get solid construction and good materials – not top of-the-line, but a noticeable step up from the bare minimum.

Leisure Select Sky Valley Pool Table

This brand aims to make pool tables that never go out of style. If you look at their offerings like the San Antonio and the Sky Valley, you’ll see slight variations in design, but the same prominent features throughout. For example, almost all Leisure Select tables have claw-and-ball feet/cabriole legs – this is the “curved” look you see on most tables in your day to day.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out Leisure Select’s more unique offerings like the Stockton or the Kingsport. Both of these models look nothing like the rest of what Leisure Select sells, though they do maintain the same quality standards as the more traditional models.

We would recommend going with a Leisure Select for your pool table if you’re going for looks, quality gameplay, and affordability all in one. In the $2,000 to $3,000 range, they’re hard to beat.

Cannon Billiards: Made like it’s 1800

Pool tables of the past used to be hand-crafted with only the finest materials. Every single piece had the utmost attention and care given to it. Tables took days to be constructed, and at the end, the result was a beautiful pool table that offered flawless gameplay to anyone who used it.

Cannon Billiards is trying to bring those days back. In an age where pool tables are being built by machines more and more, Cannon continues to do everything from scratch. No machinery is used in any part of the process.

This meticulous attention to detail means your pool table will last you as long as you’re alive. And Cannon actually guarantees just that – with every purchase, you get a lifetime guarantee for your pool table, no questions asked.

Imperial Billiards

Imperial 7′ Non-Slate Outdoor Pool Table

Pool and other sports are synonymous. There’s nothing quite like shooting around at the bar while your favorite team (or one of your favorite teams, at least) is playing in the background.

Imperial Billiards stands out because they are the only manufacturer to have licenses from the major sports organizations. If you want your favorite team’s colors or logo, you’ll need to go through Imperial.

The good news is that although they have a monopoly on sports branding, they still create table that are far more than display pieces. Underneath, sturdy metal frames enhance the tables construction. On the top, premium 21-ounce billiard cloth is used to get the “just right” amount of roll. All of these high-end features add up to form surprisingly high-end tables

If you’re a sports fanatic, you just have to go with an Imperial.

Presidential Billiards: Made for the oval office

Last but not least is one of our favorite pool table brands: Presidential Billiards. The name says it all. These are tables that go truly above and beyond because of how they’re made and the materials they use.

Presidential Eagleclaw Pool Table

Construction – Presidential Billiards contracts a company named Wilson International to create the parts for each table. Wilson International is one of the largest organizations of skilled craftsmen on the planet. So you’re not just getting a table that was built by hand – you’re getting a table that was build by some of the most specialized hands in the world.

Materials – You’ll find similar materials in Presidential Billiards as you will other American brands. The difference is in the wood used – the brand has direct connection in Africa to get rare woods from Zimbabwe and other countries. Here, you can get much more than your standard oak or willow, and you’ll stand out from the crowd because of that.

That about wraps this list up – make sure to bookmark this page and check in frequently in case we add brands to this list.

If you’re considering a pool table for personal or commercial use, look above to find the brand that suits you perfectly. Good luck, and happy shooting!

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