Voit 48-inch Billiard Table Set Review

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Finding the perfect small pool table is tricky. There are a lot of considerations to run through before you can finally decide on one. But let me tell you something about the Voit 48-inch Billiard Table Set. This small pool table is made for convenience and affordability.


  • Made from engineered wood that’s specifically formulated for pool tables
  • Steel and rubber layers makes it more protected from regular wear and tear
  • Compact and durable table
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Professional drop pocket design
  • Table’s adjustable legs make it sturdy and easy to level
  • Set comes with complete accessories so you’re ready to go as soon as you have the table set-up

folding pool tables

Seen in the photo is the Voit 48-inch billiard table. Placed conveniently inside a satisfied customer’s home.

Product Design

the Voit is slightly bigger than other portable and mini pool tables. What’s true to life about this piece is that, it actually weighs close to the real thing. Yes, it does. So don’t let its size fool you at all. You may need a little help in moving it around as it weighs approximately 50 pounds according to some users. But I bet you wouldn’t completely mind that considering you save space with this table.

Dimension: 48L x 26.5W x 31H inches

Weight: 50 pounds

What Makes the Voit 48-inch Billiard Table Set the best small pool table?

The Voit 48-inch Billiard Table Set has got a different thing going design wise. Made from engineered wood specifically built to withstand the test of time. Its protective steel and rubber layer gives an extra layer of assurance that this table won’t give out that easily. It may be hard to believe this considering that it is only a little over one hundred dollars. But you better believe it, as plenty have already given it a chance and up to now is able to enjoy the table. Its foldable and adjustable steel legs were crafted to ensure that you get to enjoy the table at any given situation.


  • Protective steel and rubber layer makes it durable
  • Portable due to its foldable legs
  • Easy to store and transport so you can bring it along for special occasions
  • Engineered wood is produced exactly for the use of this pool table
  • Perfect fit for small spaces
  • A good table enjoyable to both kids and adults
  • Very affordable


  • Frame may come out due to improper shipping
  • Limited warranty
  • Slightly heavier than other portable pool tables

Amazon Review

This Voit 48-inch Billiard Table Set has received a total of 60% 5-star reviews, 23% 4-star reviews and 17% of other review scores. Nonetheless, its overall star rating average is 4.2 out of the possible 5 stars.

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