Tips in Playing Pool: A Beginner’s Guide

Pool has quickly become one of America’s favorite past time next to Football and Baseball that is. Let’s face it though, who doesn’t love pool? Even beginners can actually fall in love with the interactive game quite easily. You know it to be true, they love it even after missing most of the shots! If you are a … Read more

How to Clean a Pool Table: Spills and General Cleaning

I can almost guarantee that at one point in time, someone will spill something on your pool table. You may be enjoying your game of pool and poof. Spill on its way! Whether it be beer, juice or some food, it’s a total shame that your pool table might be ruined by the stains that … Read more

Best Pool Cue Joint Types & Where to Buy

pool cue joint parts

The cue joint is a small part that can have a big effect on the feel of your cue. It connects the shaft and the butt and plays a role in the transfer of energy throughout the stick after each hit. Read below to learn the different pool cue joint types, the advantages and disadvantages … Read more

The Pool Cue Leather Wrap: 3 Things You Should Know

pool cue leather wrap

Looking at leather pool cue wraps for your stick? Before making a purchase, read through the three points below – they’ll educate you on wraps in general and tell you how to pick the leather wrap that’s right for you and your style of gameplay. #1: They’re right in the middle of “grip amount” Every … Read more

My Pool Cue Lost It! What Do I Do To Restore It for 2022?

How To Maintain A Pool Cue Stick

First, you should not despair. There are more problems associated with pool cues overtime. The good news is that many of them are quite simple to deal with. You do not necessarily need to purchase a new cue if the current one seems overused, but just learn what it takes to keep it in the … Read more