Pool Table Playing Area Suggestions for Your Home

You may already have a pool table or just thinking of getting one. Either way, one of the main concerns pool table owners have would be space. Because let’s face it, there is some science involved in choosing a pool table playing area. Especially in a tight place. But the thing is, you need not have a dedicated game room to situate your pool table in for you to actually get a pool table. You would be surprised that pool tables, despite of how bulky they may seem, can actually work even in the tightest of space.

How you ask? Well read on to find out some tricks for a pool table playing area.

The Pool Table Playing Area you actually need

The truth is you don’t need an out of this world, spacious room. A little space will do. Enough to fit your pool table and leaves some room for you to play. The recommended room size is an additional half of the size of your pool table all way around the room. So let’s say you have a 6-foot by 3-foot table, your pool table playing area should be about a foot and a half on all sides. 


A covered area in your backyard would actually be a perfect place to put your pool table. What you should particularly ensure though is that, your table is protected from all weather conditions. Granting you have a traditional table, extra caution and care should be given to it. However, if you have a weatherproof outdoor table, then you’re most likely good to go with a little cover onto it. Having the outdoors as your pool table playing area is just perfect, if you ask me. Simply because all good things can be done outdoors, and you can almost bank on having more people over that you won’t have a problem accommodating with a set up like this.


Your garage can also be a good space to play pool. This is especially applicable to those with portable pool tables. All you need to do is take your cars out of the garage and set up your portable table there to play. This is a good spot as it is a little secluded from your home (so the wife and kids won’t have to wake up to the sound of you and your boys screaming in victory!) Getting things back in order is also especially easy, just disassemble your pool table then get your cars back in.

Living room

If you have ample space in your living room for a huge sofa, a table and some other stuff, then pushing all those aside could make room for your pool table. Temporarily of course, unless you want a feud in the family as they won’t be able to watch TV without a big pool table blocking their view.

The General Bit

Sometimes it’s not really just about the space, but more of the table you choose. Yes, it’s true. The solution usually lies not on renovating your place, moving things around permanently or just giving up on having a pool table at all. It’s more of choosing the right pool table to fit your chosen pool table playing area.

Foldable and Portable Pool Tables

This is the answer to the general concern. Get a foldable or portable pool table so you can work with any space and sometimes even with weather conditions. Just be sure to do your research first so you can choose among the number of portable pool tables available in the market. Check out some pool table reviews to as they surely help big time.

Having a pool table playing area should not be so hard. You just need a little patience, imagination and an acceptable amount of space. Wherever you decide to put your pool table, I’m sure of one thing, you will definitely have a blast playing. Especially if you are playing with friends and family.